Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers are the heart of the supply chain either driving a strategic competitive advantage or proving to be a drain on productivity and profits.  The consumer expectation of same-day or next-day delivery has dramatically redefined challenging delivery requirements.  Inventory turns are not measured monthly, but hourly, or in real-time.  The vast SKU proliferation, ever-changing FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) has become too much for legacy systems which lead to costly mispicks, poor inventory planning, and lost consumer satisfaction.

Companies are reevaluating their warehouse and distribution operations in effort to sustain and compete.

Business leaders realize the decision to automate warehouses and distribution centers is a mandatory choice; automation is no longer an ideal or forward thinking prerogative. The need to process high-volume orders methodically, rapidly, and still meet delivery commitments has made the legacy AGV (automated guided vehicle) solution axiomatic in this environment.

Vecna Robotics’ offers an intelligent and fully autonomous, mixed fleet of robotic AGVs to help warehouse and distribution operators move products quickly with minimal handling. Our mixed fleet of mobile robots maneuver freely while responding intelligently to dynamic changes in the environment. This level of precision autonomy comes without added costs, disruptions, or safety concerns.

This next generation of AGVs equipped with 24/7 IIoT monitoring increases efficiency, throughput, safety and achieves new level of competitiveness.

Available with an aggressive leasing program, a rapid ROI transforms the warehouse and distribution center for the next decade.

Vecna Robotics' next generation AGVs allow you to:

Increase Throughput

Lower operating costs

Improve safety

Reduce damage to structure and products

Remove or reduce delays and improve response time

Handle increasing numbers of smaller orders and oversized SKUs

Overcome seasonal and temporary staffing issues

Scale with changing demands

Optimize floor space

Primary Applications

Goods receiving to warehouse

Production cell to production cell

Production to intermediate storage buffer

End-of-line to warehouse

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?