Realizing the vision to introduce intelligent automation into existing workflows involves the significant challenge of envisioning and evaluating a variety of possible approaches, technologies and processes. Automation can relatively easily be applied to existing manual processes, but this approach is fundamentally limited to be, at most, as efficient as a good team of people. The true benefit from implementing advanced automation technologies in customers’ facilities will only be realized once processes are adapted to best utilize people and robots.

In addition, there is a misconception that the consideration of automating operations requires taking an all or nothing approach. It is best to take a longer-term view that would lead to strategic reductions without hurting competitiveness, and cost containment through labor stretches. A good strategy is to automate simple processes incrementally or add capabilities only for specific material handling tasks. Vecna Robotics’ platforms make scaling easy, whether it is done as a planned next step or a rapid process change to meet dynamic changes in the market.

Vecna Robotics’ Simulation tool allows our solution designers to quickly screen several options for further analysis and testing that would be cost prohibitive to do with physical systems. These facility-wide simulations help determine the optimal configuration of both automated and manual equipment and processes. These allows Vecna Robotics to design and implement a solution that has been tailored specifically for that individual customer’s unique organizational and operational needs.

Vecna Robotics’ staff includes experts in all areas of robotics and automation. We have worked with a number of organizations across a variety of settings using this approach to help determine the right automation solution for their specific needs.

Visual representation of a simulation.

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?