Robotic Tugger 4500kg

The RT4500 autonomous tugger is built to maximize productivity by automating point-to-point transport of your large payloads with flatbed carts or trains of carts.

Consisting of an OEM tugger integrated with Vecna Robotics’ platform-agnostic autonomy package, the RT4500 retains all the functionality of the original material handling equipment but is now capable of self-navigating in dynamic environments. A safe, reliable solution to reducing forklift traffic, the RT4500 is ideally suited for applications such as lineside replenishment, and horizontal transport of racks, bins, pallets and oversized and/or non-conveyable payloads.

The RT4500 can easily operate in autonomous mode or can be manually operated with the flip of a switch. In operator optional, self-driving mode, the RT4500 can be coordinated to intelligently follow any route throughout your facility, and can either be programmed via an intuitive touchscreen UI, or integrate with your WMS/MES for fully-dynamic fleet coordination.
















Key Specifications

Height 1220 mm
Length 1530 mm
Width 865 mm
Power 24 V
Carrying Capacity 4500 kg
Top Speed 2 m/s
ITSDF B56.5 Compliant
Safe in Human-Centric Environments
8 Hour Run Time
Autonomous and Manual Modes

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?