Robotic Lifter 3600kg

The RL3600 self-navigating lifter is engineered for precise, autonomous pallet transport, including fully-automated pick-up and drop-off. Consisting of an OEM pallet truck integrated with Vecna’s platform-agnostic autonomy package, the RL3600 retains all the functionality of the original material handling equipment but is now capable of self-navigating in dynamic environments.

Ideal for horizontal transport of any palletized payload, the RL3600 includes options for multiple fork lengths and pallet types. Whether transporting from receiving to storage, end-of-line to shipping, or building and delivering mixed pallets, the RL3600 provides safe, reliable, and precise automated pallet handling.

The RL3600 can be reverted to manual operation like a conventional lift with the flick of a switch. In self-driving mode, the RL3600 can be assigned to pick and place pallets from any location, including staging areas or specific aisles and bays.

Key Specifications

Height 2360 mm
Length 2365 mm
Width 863 mm
Power 24 V
Carrying Capacity 3600 kg
Top Speed 2 m/s
Fork Length 910 – 3660 mm
ITSDF B56.5 Compliant
Safe in Human-Centric Environments
8 Hour Run Time
Autonomous and Manual Modes

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