Robotic Lifter 350kg

The RL350 is a variation of the RC500 with an added lifting mechanism. It is primarily designed to tunnel under loads such as carts or shelving units and carry them from one location to the other making it ideal for goods-to-person delivery scenarios such as order fulfillment or lineside supply.

The RL350 offers great versatility with the ability to support moving finished goods, line-side inventory replenishment, transporting Work in Progress (WIP) between process steps and moving flow racks.

Key Specifications

Height 341 mm
Length 1171 mm
Width 567 mm
Power 48 V
Carrying Capacity 350 kg
Top Speed 2 m/s
Multilevel Safety Architecture
Safe in Human-Centric Environments
9 Hour Run Time

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?