Robotic Conveyor 20kg

The RC20 is a small-scale, low-cost platform that is designed for carrying small payloads such as individual totes, boxes, and bins.

Due to its minimal footprint, the RC20 is capable of autonomous delivery in confined passageways, including dynamic, unstructured environments where people and other objects are regularly present. As such, the RC20 can provide a “virtual conveyor” with significant flexibility over fixed conveyor systems, and is well suited for both warehousing and manufacturing applications, such as order fulfillment, restocking, automated parts transfer, and rush deliveries of individual orders.

Key Specifications

Height 254 mm
Length 381 mm
Width 330 mm
Power 12 V
Carrying Capacity 20 kg
Top Speed 1 m/s
Multilevel Safety Architecture
Safe in Human-Centric Environments
9 Hour Run Time

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