How Leasing Frees Up Capital for Your Operations

The Advantage of Getting Pre-Approved for AGV with 24/7 IIoT Monitoring Before MODEX 2018


by John Hayes, VP Marketing and Sales

MODEX is the most important material handling event of 2018. Produced by MHI, MODEX 2018 will provide attendees access to the latest manufacturing and supply chain equipment and technologies. MODEX 2018 will take place April 9-12, 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

Over 800 exhibitors will display supply chain solutions and innovations on the 250,000-square foot show floor. For the first time, MHI is presenting an educational seminar titled: AGVS of MHI Presents: Leasing AGV for the WIN – How to save Capital and gain ROI through innovative new financial structures.

Vecna Robotics understands the critical role of leasing AGVs. The decision to invest in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be an expensive proposition initially. All too often, significant efforts in project planning hit a brick wall  when the proposal reaches the Board for capital funding approval. Vecna Robotics has created a simple way to get pre-approved for AGV leasing and is the only company to include 24/7 IIoT Monitoring in the program. This means sincere MODEX AGV buyers can cut through the red tape and drive financial efficiency immediately.

This blog post, How Leasing Frees Up Capital, is the first in a series of articles Vecna Robotics is publishing to help companies explore how leasing is an efficient way to implement AGV systems. These elements will help strengthen ROI calculations, explain the journey from CapEx to OpEx, and detail how leasing provides operating ROI measured in months not years.


  • Leasing capital equipment frees up cash for other financial needs of growing companies.
  • Leasing improves liquidity and keeps operating cash and credit lines free to deal with other expenses.
  • Leasing saves money by offering lower payments and down payments than other financing, and because the same rates throughout contract are pre-arranged, the fixed cost allows for predictability.
  • Leasing helps manufacturers and distributors compete.

AGV acquisition at MODEX 2018 will be at an all-time high. According to a new report available with Million Insights, AGVs are used to transport loads to places where repetitive movement of material is required with little or no human intervention. The AGV market size was valued at USD $810.4 million and is predicted to expand at CAGR of 7.3% in the next seven years. Industries are aiming to achieve high productivity by minimizing waste in manufacturing processes. Only one AGV solution provider at MODEX 2018 will offer AGVs with IIoT Monitoring – Vecna Robotics.

Companies should get pre-approved for leasing Vecna Robotics AGVs with IIoT Monitoring now to begin moving more and to move ahead by putting our advanced systems to work for you.


To get pre-approved, visit our Leasing page.


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John Hayes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vecna Robotics, is a widely-respected thought leader for the manufacturing, distribution, and material handling industries. For more than twenty years he has been evaluating, designing, developing, and implementing innovative software and hardware solutions, with a particular focus in the AGV (automated guided vehicle) space. Hayes is a Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pros to Know” recipient. Contact Hayes at