A Time of Change

A Note from Vecna Robotics’ Newly Appointed CEO


by Dan Patt, CEO


Happy new year – 2018.

And just like that, I’ve taken the leap.

I’ve served at DARPA for nearly six years in two positions. It has been a rich and rewarding experience. I’ve worked with incredibly talented colleagues, I’ve traveled the country, met clever engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs, and met end-users with important and difficult tasks to accomplish. Indeed the breadth of exposure– across communities and technology sectors – is an inimitable aspect of working at DARPA.

Today, I am proud to announce the next step on my journey – I am joining Vecna Robotics as CEO.

Exploring what my next step would be was an exercise that mirrored some of the breadth of DARPA – and took me across technical fields and organizational sizes and types, all in search of impact. I’m pretty excited by my destination.

Vecna is a special place, with an exciting team, solid products, and a very bright future.

There is a strong culture here: a sense of a driven team, and also values, informed by the knowledge that with powerful technology come societal responsibilities.

There are high standards here. Not only is the state of the robotics technology here the best I’ve witnessed, but there is an expectation of excellence – in quality of delivered products and services and in intra- and extra-team interactions.

These aspects come together as a unique cultural balance between idealism (the drive to change the world) and pragmatism (pride in delivering the most mature mobile robotics systems on the market) that simmers with excitement.

I believe that the Vecna team has great potential to drive positive change – to revolutionize human productivity through delivering its automation technologies. I’m honored to be joining this team.

(Originally published on Dan Patt’s LinkedIn profile)