Flexible and Robust Navigation

Vecna Robotics is a recognized leader in safe, reliable autonomous navigation in dynamic, human-centric environments, with years of field-proven experience making hundreds of thousands of deliveries over thousands of miles driven.

Traditional AGVs rely on magnets, wires, lines, mirrors, or beacons, which require costly infrastructure changes and limit their flexibility. Even more recent developments such as “natural” or “vision”-based navigation have their own limitations, especially in facilities with a range of environmental conditions and frequent layout changes.

Built upon decades of experience, Vecna Robotics has developed a much more human-like approach to robot autonomy, made possible by a variety of localization methods, navigation behaviors, an unmatched sensor architecture, and our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-based system. Vecna Robotics’ next-generation technology allows our robots to navigate in dynamic, ever-changing facilities, no matter the environmental conditions.

Crowded spaces and obstacles are no challenge for Vecna Robotics’ mixed fleet. Our robots are specifically designed to operate directly with and alongside humans, and will adapt their behaviors accordingly based on their surroundings. In addition, if one our robots comes upon an obstacle in its path, our next-generation dynamic routing capabilities allows the robot to re-plan to find a safe, alternate route to its planned destination.

Continuous execution monitoring to track progress in real-time and detect and anticipate potential problems as early as possible is a core function integrated into the navigation system. This capability enables our robots to communicate meaningful status information to the fleet manager and to users, and to dynamically and proactively respond to any run-time disturbances.

Vecna Robotics' vehicles can easily navigate around people and narrow spaces.

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