For Rapid Deployment and Operational Efficiency

Dynamic Mapping

Vecna Robotics brings a new approach to material handling automation, requiring no facility changes or permanent infrastructure to operate, and consisting of reconfigurable, upgradeable systems coupled with IIoT Monitoring for continuous improvement and optimization. This allows us to rapidly implement solutions, with many installations lasting a matter of days, while working with our customers to grow and evolve the solutions over time.

Vecna Robotics’ advanced mapping system is just one of the technologies that allow us to rapidly deploy our robots. The initial mapping process simply involves driving the same robot you will use through your facility to dynamically map the environment and teach them the facility’s layout and desired behaviors, such as restricted areas, intersections, and one-way traffic areas. In some cases, our team of field experts can also work with you to use the initial mapping process as a means of providing guidance on the best ways to utilize your fleets.

Vecna also offers a variety of deployment options based on a customer’s needs, ranging from standalone systems to full facility integration and AI fleet control, with a variety of user interface and control options. In addition, Vecna’s in-house integration capabilities, built upon decades of experience working with complex, enterprise systems, allows for fast and simple IT integration. This can include full integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for optimized fleet control, as well as interfaces with powered doors, third-party automation and control systems, and other facility infrastructure.

This combination of our advanced mapping technologies, flexible deployment options and solution configurations, and continuous improvement and optimization allow Vecna Robotics to quickly and cost-effectively implement a flexible automation solution that can scale and adapt to changing needs over time.

Vecna Robotics' vehicles continuously map the facility.

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