Today’s manufacturing environments can no longer be dependent on costly, inflexible legacy technologies; adoption of lean manufacturing requires the elimination of unproductive manual materials handling transportation processes.

Vecna Robotics’ offers a dependable and cost-effective solution supporting fast changing agile manufacturing.  Our intelligent and fully autonomous, mixed fleet of AGVs reliably move materials between production cells, whether on the plant floor or warehouse. These processes are executed safely and with great precession including 24/7 IIoT monitoring.

Manual transportation of materials requires workers to leave their stations and push carts loaded with materials between processes and the stockroom. Traditional AGVs move materials using fixed routes that are guided by permanent wires, magnetic strips, or sensors embedded in the floor. These systems are inflexible, expensive, and disruptive for dynamic manufacturing floors.

Vecna Robotics’ fleet are designed to freely navigate dynamic manufacturing environments and configurations, making it easy for the systems to be rerouted and to meet production coordination, material flow and improved throughput. This comes without added cost, disruption or safety concerns.

Vecna Robotics' next generation AGVs allow you to:

Remove bottlenecks and reduce delays

Overcome labor issues

Optimize value streams with flexible and reconfigurable material flows

Effortlessly scale

Reduce damage to structure and products

Optimize floor space

Reduce costs and non-value added operations

Support Lean, IIoT, and Smart Factory Initiatives

Increase Safety

Primary Applications

Discreet Manufacturing

Batch and Process Manufacturing

Repetitive Manufacturing

ETO (Engineer-to-Order) Manufacturing

BTO (Build-to-Order) Manufacturing

Kitting Assembly

Primary Segments

Automotive Supply Chain

Paper & Packaging Equipment and Production

Fabricating & Metalworking

Moldmaking and Plastics Production

Machinery including CNC, Conveyors, and other Materials Handling Equipment

Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Production, and Processing

Take the Next Step In Lean Manufacturing and Fork Truck Free Shop Floors