Defining Material Handing

24/7 IIoT Monitoring

A new era of material movement calls for machinery to be equipped with constant connectivity to produce data that can be used to optimize business operations and achieve 24/7 operations. Vecna Robotics is the first AGV and mobile robotics company that ensures this data is used as both active and passive intelligence, connective to optimize operations on the manufacturing plant floor, warehouse, or distribution center.

Vecna Robotics’ 24/7 IIoT Monitoring offers a real-time complex operation management solution, driven by a continuous stream of data, that provides environmental information, system monitoring, and seamless remote support. Using IIoT Monitoring, both local and remote users can log into our remote monitoring tool to see a real-time view of our robots operating in your facility to monitor environmental status and fleet management, as well as dial down to individual units for vehicle health, status, and performance.

This game-changing optimization system maximizes the utilization of Vecna Robotics’ platforms as they carry out the tasks you need to be done.

The powerful algorithms behind Vecna Robotics’ IIoT Monitoring securely collects and transmits real-time data, ensuring enhanced performance and driving continuous optimization by proactively monitoring up-time, ensuring facility operations flow uninterrupted even in situations that bring other robots and automation to a dead stop.

By providing real-time alerts to potential issues, such as when an area of the facility has been blocked off or when a payload has not been properly and safely loaded, users can proactively identify and resolve the situation before it further disrupts operations remotely through our IIoT Monitoring rather than requiring physical interaction with the platforms, as well as communicate meaningful updates to staff on the floor through the robots themselves.

The data from this IIoT monitoring is also used to continuously improve systems and processes over time via our team of highly-skilled support engineers; this aspect of IIoT monitoring contributes to the robots learning, and performance is increased as it becomes smarter.

Better performance through ongoing learning means:

• Increased on-target quality control and quality assurance
• Reduced downtime translates to better capital utilization
• Predicting potential failures before they occur, extending the life of the equipment

Beyond delivering a solid ROI (return on investment), Vecna Robotics’ 24/7 IIoT Monitoring offers peace of mind, the ability to prepare for any situation that may be just over the horizon and keeps you on the edge of your industry.

Vecna Robotics IIoT technology enables organizations to:

Reduce downtime concerns

Resolve issues directly and seamlessly rather than manual intervention

Increase the amount of insightful data moving in and out the factory floor

Improve flexibility on the factory floor

Increase safety and security

Gain deep insights into the value chain

Enhance operational efficiency

Decrease costs

Reduce energy consumption

Extending the life of the robot

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?