Human Robot Interaction

Human Robot Interaction (HRI) is a critical aspect of both the development and use of collaborative robots and advanced automated systems. However, misinformation about these technologies can challenge the decision to automate, even when an organization realizes that these technologies can create greater efficiencies and optimize operations.

Years of experience successfully deploying robots in commercial and non-commercial, collaborative environments, Vecna Robotics works closely with clients during the consideration and adoption process to ensure the best experience and outcome. From our engagements and conversations, here are a few points to consider.

Safety: Because autonomy is a key capability for collaborative robots, we’ve made significant investments over the years to develop field ready autonomous systems that safely work alongside human workers in dynamic environments. With years of experience deploying robots in extremely sensitive environments, such as hospitals and medical facilities, we confidently stand behind the safety and reliability of our technology.

Human Labor: We do not position our mobile robots as simple replacements for human labor. We work with several companies that are moving aggressively toward the use of robotics to sustain operations and overcome disruptive levels of employee turnover. Our hassle free, autonomous platforms provide companies with the best solution for overcoming challenging labor issues. Incorporating robotics into your operations allows you to reallocate human resources, maximize workplace safety while minimizing overhead costs.

Creating a Conscious Culture: When adopting robotics, companies should develop a communication strategy to eliminate fear and if possible, try and make the technology accessible to employees. We found that this further removes the mystery and the perceived threat and presents a much better outcome. Communicate to your staff upfront that robots will be used to improve worker productivity and job satisfaction by taking on the unwanted parts of jobs that humans don’t find interesting or fulfilling.

Usability: We have placed a strong focus on usability because robots must be usable by all employees. Vecna Robotics has made working with our robots a simple, seamless and intuitive process.

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