The continuous acceleration of e-commerce and the need for an always-on supply chain is placing mounting pressure on supply chain managers. Greater order customization, shorter lead times, better quality control, reduced labor costs, and higher production output is driving demand for advanced automation.

Vecna Robotics’ collaborative mobile platforms, coupled with our CTM, dramatically increase cart pick rates by optimizing picks and automating horizontal transport, significantly reducing walking distances. In addition, Vecna Robotics can support a variety of picking strategies, including person-to-goods and goods-to-person in one system.

Our broad range of platforms allow us to handle items at the piece level, tote level, case level, or pallet level, as well as transport over-sized items, while also flexible enough to handle both fulfillment and replenishment operations, making us ideal for omni-channel operations and able to provide retailers with both individual orders and bulk inventory.

In addition, our systems are safe to operate directly alongside your staff, and scalable to adapt with changing demands without costly fixed infrastructure.

By adopting our intelligent, autonomous material handling platforms, you will be able to cut out non-value-added steps taken in receiving, packing and shipping and flawlessly and concurrently run picking and replenishment activities.

Vecna Robotics' next generation AGVs allow you to:

Increase pick rates

Shorten response times 

Improve process flows

Scale with changing demands  

Handle increasing numbers of small orders and over-sized items

Overcome seasonal peaks and temporary labor issues

Create a more agile infrastructure

Secure access to valuable items

Primary Applications

Goods To Person

Person To Goods

Goods To Robot

Zone Picking

Tote & Case Picking 

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