Welcome to Vecna Robotics

Vecna, a recognized leader in robotics, was founded in 1998 by a consortium of MIT engineers on the idea that people matter, and that businesses can be profitable, ethical, and socially responsible.

For two decades we have been developing cutting-edge robotics platforms for hospitals, NASA, the United States Army, the United States Navy, the Department of Defense, DARPA and numerous other partners.

Today, Vecna Robotics’ is using its expertise and experience building cutting edge technology to develop end-to-end, dynamic material handling and logistics solutions that can grow and evolve with business needs and changing technologies.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions for companies to compete while keeping up with a rapidly changing material handling paradigm. Our customer-centric approach allows us to foster meaningful relationships with our clients and  provide them with the necessary guidance and support to maximize the use of our technologies to achieve their objective and goals.

“Better Technology, Better World”

Vecna is proud to highlight its demonstrated commitment to social responsibility and improving the world for future generations. Since 1998, Vecna has contributed more than 170,000 employee service hours to local, national, and international projects. Our   employees are encouraged to devote up to 10% of their paid work time to supporting community service missions.

Leader in Autonomous Navigation and Robotics

Two decades of experience transitioning strategic R&D for DARPA, NASA, DoD, NIH, USDA to fully-commercialized products.

24x7 IIoT Monitoring and Support

A proprietary, robust platform that proactively monitors up-time to ensure that your operations flow smoothly even in situations that bring other robots to a dead stop.

Mixed Fleet of Robotic AGVs to Handle Any Payload

An end-to-end logistics approach that re-imagines automation for manufacturing, warehousing and omni-channel fulfillment.

Client Centric

We work closely with customers to deliver best-in-class service and support and to further develop leading, cutting-edge technologies for better manufacturing, warehousing and omni-channel fulfillment practices.

Have a big job and not sure how to automate it?