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Bringing Real innovation To The Supply Chain

Technology For A New Era In Material Handling

Vecna Robotics is a recognized leader in next-generation robotics and automation solutions, with over 20 years of experience developing  the most advanced and cost-effective solutions on the market.

We offer a mixed fleet of intelligent, collaborative mobile robots and fully-autonomous, zero-infrastructure AGVs designed specifically for safe and flexible material flows in dynamic, human-centric environments. Vecna Robotics’ smart fleet works dynamically across a variety of markets and applications.

Moving you ahead of the competition

Full Spectrum Automation

Two decades of experience engineering advanced hardware and software has gone into developing a low-risk, highly scalable fleet of robotic AGVs. Our end-to-end solutions deliver accuracy, productivity and competitive advantage across a wide range of processes and markets. Vecna Robotics is committed to helping companies, ranging from Fortune 50s to small- and medium-sized businesses reduce costs and optimize workflows with cutting edge automation that adapts to you.

Dynamic Mixed Fleet of Autonomous Material Moving Platforms

•  Transport cases, totes, pallets, or non-conveyables

•  No infrastructure changes required

•  Designed to interact and coordinate with each other

Integrated Intelligence Control

•  AI control system for optimized fleet management

•  Simple coordination of robots, manual equipment and workers

•  Simple WMS integration

Comprehensive Support

•  Pre-sales simulation to determine optimum configuration

•  Rapid installation by Vecna Robotics’ deployment team

• Ilot Monitoring Remote Assist solves issues without physical interventions




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